Grey Lynn Festival

On Saturday I went to the Grey Lynn festival, it always seems to be the first true weekend of summer, bustling with music and stalls, food and people wearing all different styles of clothing basking together in the mid November sun. This year proved no different and was fantastic in turn. Some highlights included sculptures made out of car parts, an excessively tasty terakihi and rice salad wrap, lemongrass prawns and watching my sisters enjoying the rides. It reeked of cruisy kiwi summers and I loved it.

The spit roast we’d bought off grab one (from Silver Spoon catering) and had that night… not so much. My friends and I  had bought this spit roast a few months ago, it was supposed to feed 10 people and was an awesome discount at $130 down from $250ish. Nek minnit the food is delivered and it would probably feed 4 comfortably at most. Luckily I was already making more salads and there was meat defrosted in the fridge.

It was so disappointing though that it wasn’t even worth taking photos of.


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