Lemon Sour Cream Rainbow Cake!

My sister turned 10 about a month ago, but it took until last Tuesday for us to actually have her birthday party. About 13 small girls, my parents and the boyfriend and I headed off to Laserstrike but there was a special request to make a laser strike cake. I had no idea what to do for it, and had very little time to do it, so what resulted was a rainbow cake with fondant icing and lollies stuck on it like a maze. But it went down well with the kids?

The recipe was just the one from the Edmonds Cookbook, but to make it a rainbow cake I doubled the mixture and then separated it into three bowls which I coloured with food colouring. It’s slightly time consuming because you have to cook each layer separately and unless you have three identical cake tins it’s a mission. But then after I just stacked them up, with Jam in between (I think Lemon Curd would have been amazing though) and then covered it with a simple butter icing and marshmallow fondant. Yum!

And I kicked everyone’s butts at laser strike.

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