Unitec Grad Show 2011

On Thursday night I went with my Mum to this years Unitec Grad Show. This year was a bit weird compared to previous years. Usually they focus all of the exhibition around Building 1, this crazy maze building that used to be the main hospital when it was Carrington’s. This year it felt like they’d down sized, instead of having one flowing show with bits and pieces in every room you glanced in, it was very disconnected. This meant that you had to walk along empty corridors until you could find the next exhibition area. It also meant that it was far more difficult to find drinks and snacks (Which is probably the most important thing at these events.)

The work itself varied between very cool and very seen before. Anyone remember that series of photographs of real Disney Princesses? There was pretty much an unashamed imitation on display. Anyway, here are some pictures of things that I think were pretty cool. (I just wish that I had taken note of the artists names.)

This piece of work used the idea of knitting as a basis for redesigning Libraries to incorporate both books and social media, online resources etc.

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