Christmas in the City: 01

This week has been a boring one. Pretty much I worked everyday full time which doesn’t leave very much time for doing anything interesting. Especially when you realise that your next pay has to last you until mid January. Eek. That all impacts on how many interesting thoughts I’ve had.

Anyway, this week between wrapping an insane amount of gifts, Katie and I decorated our office. We went out at lunch and got some silver balls and candy canes and then when we got back decided not only to use these but recycle all the bits and bobs of stationary we’ve kept from clearing out old cases.

It doesn’t show up very well in photos, but across the windows of our office we’ve strung the silver balls and hung candy canes off them. (This isn’t working so well with the window that faces outside – sun and candy canes eek.) But then we also cut up some of those clear sleeves into stars, christmas trees and snowflakes!

For our nativity scene we used the insides of wrapping paper rolls, some post its for Mary’s dress, vivid and some left over ribbon and wooden wool. Voila!


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One Response to Christmas in the City: 01

  1. Eric says:

    Interesting way of putting together a decorative xmas display in the office!! Way to utilize everything around you!

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