Something to think about.

I haven’t kept up with Occupy in recent weeks but I think that at the core of their movement their requests are changes that are very necessary to our society. I’m a people person, not a numbers person. I therefore quite like this image by the guy who does all of the artwork for Radiohead – Stanley Donwood. I found it here.

As the mendacity of the One Per Cent continues, here is a small tool which you may download, blow up, paste, copy, pass on, and do whatever with. I’m not sure where the quote is from; I saw it on a poster at Occupy Sheffield last week, where they thought that the words were possibly from a former Prime Minister of Canada.

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One Response to Something to think about.

  1. d. durand says:

    Love this, in the end we as citizens of the world (especially in the west) need to ask ourselves some very fundamental questions about what it means to be successful. Keep it up.

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