Golden Years

I’m not really a beauty blogger, but after writing that post on my new babies – The MAC Brush kit, I thought I’d share a look that I’m currently a bit obsessed with. It’s warm and dark but at the same time you can wear it for both day and night, or at least I feel like I can… but I’m a make up fiend. Anyway, I’ll get to it!

  1. Moisturise! I really like Simple’s light moisturiser, because it is light and it’s not too harsh and it doesn’t mess with make up or leave a sheen or anything. Perfect? I also spray my face a bit with MAC Fix+. This stuff is awesome and can be used in so many ways. It has caffeine and other things in it which perk up the face but also makes your makeup stick in place and can intensify the colour of eye shadows. Sweet.
  2. Foundation/Basey stuff. I use MAC Mineralise and the Studio Finish Concealer both in NC30. I like to have it really well blended in so that you pretty much can’t tell it’s there but your skin is all perfect and even toned. Over the top, for going out I add some Studio Fix Powder in NC30 as well. To add some colour over this base I’ve been using the Studio Careblend/ Pressed powder in Medium deep and Fun and Games beauty powder blush from the Hello Kitty range. (All of these products so far are MAC. I’m a bit dedicated.)
  3. Eyes. As a highlighter/ base I’ve recently rediscovered Innoxa’s Angel’s Gold Dusting Powder, I used to be obsessed with this stuff as a kid because it was the sort of thing that Mum would let me lightly sprinkle over my face. It’s light and sparkly and pretty. Then on top of this I add the goldy colour from Loreal’s Eye Shadow duo and Highlighter for Hazel Eyes. In the crease to give depth, and drama? I put the darker shade from that same palette but also the fifth colour from the longer MAC palette featured above. I have no idea what this palette is called because it doesn’t have the usual sticker on the bottom? Weird. Once done I sprinkled some of the gold glitter from MAC’s It’s a Miracle eyeshadow.
  4. Mascara and bits and bobs. Once done I pasted on some fake eyelashes – I’ve recently bought a pair from the pharmacy, they’re a great lash but so goddamn uncomfortable. MAC forever. Then flicked on some Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid eye liner in Blackest black and Thin Lizzy’s black eye liner for the water line. Underneath the lash I added some black eye shadow for a bit of shadow (from that same palette that has no name) and then coated my eye lashes in Benefit’s Bad Gal Mascara. Finally my eye brows got a bit of a filling in with that amazing eye brow brush and some brown Yves Saint Laurent eye shadow (Not pictured).
  5. Lips. For my lips I used Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Lip Pencil in Wine to cover the whole of my lips and then slipped on top a tiny bit of Up the Amp lipstick from MAC.


It’s a bit of a long winded process but I don’t even care because I love the end result. But after writing this I do wonder if I like MAC a little too much….

Are there any make up products that you really love/ can’t stop yourself from sticking to?



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