Candy Cane Nails

At the moment I’ll be somewhere halfway down the North Island, bound for Otaki for Christmas… Or maybe I’ll already be there (I still haven’t quite figured out when the scheduled time is in relation to New Zealand time.) Anyway, has anyone had the Sally Hansen Nail rub on things come up as an ad on Facebook? Well, it’s been on mine for weeks now and after a while I began to get quite obsessed with the Candy Cane one. Of course, in New Zealand there’s a really tiny selection of the product and not in any patterns I like that much. Whack onto that a $20 price and it’s not really experiment worthy at this time of year.

So I decided to try do it myself, and Voila! The best trick I discovered while doing this was the paper tape. It’s awesome because it doesn’t peel the nail polish off from underneath it and it’s super easy to work with. I used Revlon Sand, OPI Colour So Hot It Berns and OPI Teenage Dream. Originally I hadn’t planned to do a top coat, but it just tidies up the edges a bit.



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4 Responses to Candy Cane Nails

  1. suzy farrell says:

    Cute! I tried candy cane nails but wasn’t very successful. Sally Hansen nail rub? I’ll have to look around for it. Never heard of it.

  2. Helen says: This is a great blog to follow, that is if you do not already.

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