Day at the Races










It’s quite difficult to maintain blogging as a priority when on holiday I’ve discovered. How on earth Lily from What I Heart Today managed to blog every day during her holidays just blows my mind.

But anyway, after New Years I flew back down to the Kapiti Coast so that I could celebrate my Grandfathers birthday. It just happens to fall on the Otaki Races Family Day, so the whole family headed down to throw money at the horses. For a first timer I did quite well! Coming away with a modest amount, but that was still more than I started with. It was a really great time, far more casual than Ellerslie and what not and with heaps of free attractions for the kids. My sisters and cousins entered Little Miss Otaki, and they came third in the Inter Islander relay. I think that one of the funniest moments was when this Asian couple stole my baby cousin, Bonnie away to take photos with her. I mean, wut?

Afterwards it was heinous trying to leave traffic wise so we just camped out by the car til it all subsided. Hake (the little boy) is just so goddamn cute! But all in all, I think that I’m going to have to make the races a regular jam. Maybe I’ll even try out splashing out at Ellerslie?

For the moment though, I’ve left Otaki and am now in Poukawa in the Hawkes Bay for my other Grandfathers birthday. Let’s see if I can blog much here… I definitely have so many great photos from this whole trip though that I think a monthly wrap up may have to be in order.

Hope that everyone else is enjoying their Summer! / Winter if you happen to be up Northern ways :-)


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