Post Christmas Eating

I’m not sure about you, but whenever I get home after a big holiday it always feels like time to eat less, eat more greens and just generally get a bit healthier. So the other night, after I bribed a ride from my mother in exchange for making dinner I made this, Jamie Oliver’s Thai Style Chicken Salad. It’s from the Jamie Oliver app for iPhone/iPad which can I just say is amazing. Amazing is possibly an understatement.

Anyway, so the deets are pretty simple, you cook the chicken – I used a seasoned salt and olive oil rub and then roasted it, slice everything up little and fry the onions then mix the whole thing up with a sauce made from soy sauce, lime juice, fish sauce and olive oil. I also added some crunchy noodles just to bulk it up for my Dad.

Om nom nom

But also, and here’s where I can’t tell if this makes the post a bit oxymoronic or not but as of this week I discovered Pear Absolut Mojitos and pretty much the incredible secret ingredient that is other wise known as Cinnamon Syrup. The mother and I decided we needed a bit more excitement when drinking Pear Vodka, so a little google away and voila we found this recipe. They are so divine.
(Another good mix though is Vodka, Tangelo Juice, Lime Juice, Mint leaves, Soda and Cinnamon Syrup, rim the glass with Lime and you’re good to go.


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