Kill People, Burn S***, F*** School

I’ve struggled a little with trying to figure out how to go about the following posts. See, on Thursday and Friday I attended Odd Future and the final Auckland leg of the Big Day Out. They’re associated because Odd Future was technically a sideshow of the Big Day Out/ replacement gig after they got shunted off the main bill (for being homophobic no less.) ((This is debatable.)) But since it was also the last Big Day Out, I also have all these extra things to say, so bear with me, please stick around and we’ll do this chronologically.

Starting with Odd Future.

Odd Future was supposed to be the only aspect of Big Day Out experienced by myself and the boyfriend this year. Along with a large group of friends we’d decided that Big Day Out had become financially¬†unfeasible and there weren’t really any stand out attractions. But with Odd Future axed from the main bill we had a unique opportunity, to see this group of maniacs up close and personal.

Setting out from the boyfriends flat, a few drinks down, home made cat singlets on our backs, the crew was hyped. Doors opened at 8pm, we arrived sometime then and 9 and ran into a really old friend. It was all going great. And then, every blogger/ photographer etc’s worst nightmare happened. I dropped my camera, barrel first resulting in massive crunching and total barrel distortion.
I was beside myself.

So for me, what would probably have been an incredible gig got a little less rosy. I took myself off to the bathroom, had a little cry and went back out to experience the madness.

What followed was nothing less than total chaos. Two seconds in, I was separated from everyone which ended up being quite good. I was distracted and soon caught up with the crowd, screaming the occasional lyric I could discern through the distorted sound system, being amazed at how fantastic visibility of the band was – when my face wasn’t getting buried in arm pits.

Soon, around an hour/ maybe 70 minutes later it was all over, no encore, house lights up. I still can’t decide how it rated as a concert, it felt like maybe Tyler wasn’t all that into it, and there was some issue with the tracks. It would have been great to see them in a Big Day Out atmosphere, but hey as they say, beggars can’t be choosers.

If you’re willing to put up with me, tomorrow my Big Day Out post will come out, lunchtimeish. OOH I know you’re wondering. What happened there? Why did you go? Was it really as bad as everyone seems to think?


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