Big Day Out: The Last Chapter

Guest Tickets

Punters at Battles

So as I mentioned yesterday, we weren’t originally going to attend Big Day Out. I was pretty gutted when I found out that it was going to be the last Big Day Out ever. On Tuesday night, Adam and I had sat outside reading articles and reminiscing about previous Big Day Outs.

It was therefore with great relief, appreciation and excitement that when I was offered free tickets by my Uncle Simon, I jumped at the opportunity. It was a weird feeling however, walking into the grounds, from a different entrance to the usual, with the mother and boyfriend.

As had been rumoured earlier in the week there had been very few sales. It was strange walking around with ease, having our pick of the location and seeing no D in front of the main stages. Yet it wasn’t unpleasant.

Our first entertainment of the day was a snapshot of Cairo Knife Fight and Best Coast. Both great from the little bits we saw before heading off to the Battles.


It was a bit like everything coming together with Battles. I can remember in 2007, prior to my first Big Day Out hearing their first album. My favourite track was Atlas, and it was just meant to be that it was that song which greeted us on entry. Battles was awesome, high energy, high talent. Brilliant.


After Battles we watched Kimbra who killed it, she has one of those voices which sound incredible both on and off record. With just these two acts (Battles and Kimbra), I could have gone home perfectly content. But there was still The Adults, Girl Talk, Kasabian, Mariachi El Bronx, Soundgarden and Noel Gallagher.

The Adults made it feel like home in that eerie way that good kiwi music can. One of my favourite moments at last years Big Day Out had been when Jon Toogood’s guitar played up and he just thrust it out saying, ‘It’s Fucked! Fix It!’ So it was cool seeing him again but with a completely different feel – The Adults’ describing their sound as Marijuana music.

The Adults

Girl Talk

Girl Talk was crazy, we watched it from the Immortals Lounge (Again thanks to my amazing Uncle) seeing huge blow up balls and balloons and confetti shoot around as the crowd, both packed on stage and around it danced a frenzy to perfectly on trend club music (In a good way, trust me, it was good.) 

We didn’t pay much attention to Kasabian, we were too busy drinking the way too delicious frozen Margarita’s, but when we did pay attention what we heard was pretty good.

Mariachi el Bronx

Mariachi el Bronx was the true stand out though. We hadn’t planned on seeing this band but holy crap, they were incredible. The next morning we quickly downloaded their album to experience the moment again. Seriously, who would have known how good mariachi music could be.

The rest of the night was spent chilled and enjoying the atmosphere and the sound. I wish that I knew more of Soundgarden, but they were still awesome, and Noel Gallagher, well he played Wonderwall.

It was a weird day, not exactly like previous Big Day Outs. But it was great. Not having to line up for anything, being free to roam around, flit between acts, drink and eat. That was something that I have never experienced at Big Day Out’s previous. People may think that the low turn out hindered the experience, but really it enhanced it.

So with that, I’ll sign out with saying that although this was not my favourite Big Day Out. It was still an incredible day. Another, Best Day Ever.

Goodbye Big Day Out

Tomorrow, I’ll round this all up with an overview of the Big Day Out as I knew it. From 2007 – 2012.

Photos were taken by Adam Warin, Jane Hakaraia and myself. Thanks to Simon Hakaraia for providing us with tickets and immortals lounge passes.

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