RIP Big Day Out: Auckland Leg



So Big Day Out is over. Some of you probably won’t understand why it’s a big thing, some just won’t care. But for me, Big Day Out has always been this magical mythical event. I can remember being little and my parents leaving me with other friends/ family whilst they partied the day away at Big Day Out. The big rainy year saw my mother attending the Sydney show whilst my dad battled the weather in Auckland.


Then 2006 came, I was 14, and The White Stripes were headlining, with Iggy and the Stooges, Franz Ferdinand, Kings of Leon, The Magic Numbers, Shihad, Che Fu and the Crates, The Subways. I wanted to go terribly and so was absolutely devastated when my parents decided that they would go, but I was too young. I didn’t speak to them for two weeks and had to stay with my grandparents. It was awful.


2007 was quick approaching and I knew that I was allowed to go. For Christmas my parents gave me an IOU and then it sold out. From what my mother has told me, she nearly vomited on hearing the news. It hadn’t sold out in so long and yet, that year it did, and she hadn’t bought our tickets yet. After a mad scramble, networking and ringing around she managed to get us tickets, we were supposed to be filmed by TV3 but thankgod she ignored that bit and it was awesome. Uncle Simon hooked us up with Immortals Passes and I got to see The Killers, and Violent Femmes, two of my favourite bands at the time.


By 2008, I was a dedicated fan. If someone had asked me how many years I’d been, I would have wanted to say every single one. It was crazy, another sell out due to Rage Against the Machine’s appearance and I spent a good portion of their performance hanging off a metal rail trying to get a view. Who ever could have known that severe discomfort could be so so good?


The years by now have started to blur a bit. I managed to get to attend six Big Day Outs and over that time have seen some great, some incredible bands; Tool, The Killers, Muse, Violent Femmes, Peaches and Herms, Rage Against the Machine, Bjork, The Arctic Monkeys, Lupe Fiasco, Lily Allen, Dizzee Rascal, The Mars Volta, Passion Pit, Tempter Trap, Rammstein, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Deftones, LCD Soundsystem, Prodigy, Soundgarden, Kasabian, Mariachi el Bronx, Girl Talk, Battles. (I’ve tried to mark out all the acts I saw.. but well, my memory isn’t perfect.) And there’s all the bands that I wish I saw like The Streets, Brand New, Groove Armada, Calvin Harris, Crystal Castles.. and of course the huge laughs **mychemicalromancein2007coughcough** I mean really it would be nice to fit in everything at a festival. And I’m lucky that I get to see The Horrors on Monday anyway at Laneway.

But the thing that I always found really great about Big Day Out was the fact that even if you rocked up with a list of exactly what you wanted to see, it wouldn’t always happen. But it wouldn’t matter because within all the madness, the crowds, the rush, you’d end up catching bits of bands you’d never planned on seeing and end up loving them, for us this year that was Mariachi el Bronx.

I’ll be a bit sad this time next year, remembering all the great times from before. We don’t really get large scale music festivals in New Zealand. Big Day Out was our high, but at least I’ve got those six years. Six tickets. Six Immortals Passes. Six versions of the BEST DAY EVER.

And at least we'll always have this. Deftones '11

Do you guys have any stellar Big Day Out memories? I’d genuinely like to hear them.


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