What The Water Gave Me

Well, first I might just apologise for the photo quality. As you may recall – my camera is broken, my mother’s canon doesn’t like to focus up close and so voila! Blogging iPhone4 style. (My mothers, as I don’t have one sob sob)

But anyway, after a few days off having painted nails, I got all inspired and decided I needed to do something creative. I had a look at Sophy Robson’s blog Nail Porn (Thanks to The London Lipgloss for the introduction!) and got quite intimidated before settling on the old and true nautical stripes.

If you don’t know me, well I’m obsessed with stripes. When I see them in a store I am instantly drawn to them, especially if they are navy and white. I blame my grandmother, but truly I am a fan. Toss in a little bit of scarlet red and I’m in love.

To create the nails I used a Sally Hansen dark navy (unfortunately the name has rubbed off), but it’s quite dark with a lovely purply shimmer to it and Orly’s Mini White Out. I painted the nails all over with the dark navy and then let it dry for a good half hour. This part is important as over wise the tape sticks! eek. You may remember from my candy stripe post but last time I used paper tape. This time I think I may have truly truly cracked it though by using electrical tape! It was perfect and peeled off so smoothly. I cut it into tiny strips and then just applied them to make a stencil and painted over with the White Out. Finally to finish it all off I took some little holographic star stickers (care of my little sisters sticker stash) and applied them randomly over the dried nails. To keep them in place I went over with O.P.I’s Top Coat and then Voila! Nautical starry nails.

I think that this method could work quite well to make 4th of July Nails or even ‘Straylia Day nails. (Even if it is a wee bit late)

But to anyone in Australia I hope you had a great day yesterday and to those of you in Auckland, have an awesome Anniversary Weekend! I’ll be back next week with Laneway and January wrap up posts!


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