From top to bottom: Lineup Booklet and Drink Coupons, Pie signage that made me giggle and the Skinny Clubhouse, Sherpa, The Horrors, M83, Gotye

On Monday, the boyfriend and I attended Laneway. This was my second Laneway Festival, having attended the first one in 2010. We set off with great excitement but few expectations having done minimal listening prior. I kinda vaguely knew who I wanted to see, but unlike with other concerts I’d decided that it would be nice to be surprised and enchanted by what was on offer.

I didn’t really know what to expect of Silo Park, I suppose that’s what you get with a festival that likes moving, but it proved to be a really good fit. With Park Lane nestled behind the silos with a grassy knoll, the food and bar situated around another covered grassy area and the main Cherry and Park Lane stages in what is usually a car park it flowed well and had a great atmosphere from the get go. What is particularly always awesome about Laneway, is the size – this year it was only 6,500ish.

The day opened for us with Sherpa. I was really excited. They were the band that I knew at high school, (you know how there’s always that one band that you kinda know when you’re younger that you think is awesome) my friend dated the bassist, and they’d get us to dance at their gigs so everyone else would. I haven’t seen them play in years but they were awesome. The band has grown and their music has correspondingly. I’m not even being biased here (I hope) but it made me want to spin at high speed like I would when I was 16.

After that the day kinda flew by with us seeing The Transistors, Austra, Cults, Girls, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Yuck, Pajama Club, Feist, The Horrors, M83 and Gotye. We tended to move around staying for bits of sets and then going to get refreshments, use bathrooms etc. At one point the heat, which was cripppling resulted in us having to lie down for a while, we ended up leaving during the pass out time to get gelato and sit by the water to cool down.

It was great though, Mother turned up periodically throughout the day allowing me the use of her camera and I got to have another amazing fish burrito. Seriously, I love those things.

Said Drunk Girl

Highlights of the day would have been Sherpa, Austra – AMAZING costumes and dance moves, A drunk girl being allowed on stage then ushered off during Pajama Club, M83 getting the whole crowd dancing – not just jumping, DANCING and Gotye.

Gotye was incredible, from the projections to the sing along version of Somebody I Used to Know. He finished with In Your Light which if I’ll be honest, reminds me of a coffee ad but it created an atmosphere that I’ve never seen anything like – imagine random groups of people grooving all over the place, skipping as they leave. It was like watching a flash mob. Riddle me this, how often do you get the BDO crowd leaving like that?

Lows of the day would have been an asshole who was overly possessive of an unoccupied bean bag and the heat, I now have a burnt nose and scalp. I’ve noticed a few complaints about the bar but seriously, it didn’t affect my day one bit.

All in all it was a huge success. Laneway is definitely becoming my new Big Day Out.

If you want to read a more amusing version by the boyfriend go HERE

And a sneaky picture of the boats from when we went to get Gelato.

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