Tyler St. Garage

Last Friday I was taken out for lunch with my workmates at Tyler St Garage. My first impressions were that whilst the decor was very nice, the menu was a bit disappointing. I’d expected that we’d be going to Rakinos (Which is amazing) and the idea of a ‘light meal’ was not at all what I was wanting at the time. But then our waiter arrived. Quickly he swerved us from trying to decide on meals for ourselves to getting food for the table as a whole and sharing. This was a total win, do you ever get food envy when you eat out? I do, so what better than just eliminating that idea full stop?

What we ended up with was a selection of nearly everything, a couple of the platters (Which have Tempura Soft Shell Crab, Salmon Pate, Broad Bean Pesto, Prosicutto, Capsicum and Olives), Fried Chicken with Japanese Mayo, Fries with Smoked Potato Aioli, Edamame Beans, Beetroot, Asparagus and Goats Cheese Salad with a Walnut Vinagrette, and a few pizzas – Chicken & Porcini Sausage, Artichoke, Truffle and Feta; Gorgonzola, Raddichio, Potato, Garlic and Rosemary and Veal Meatballs, Prosciutto, Cream and Sage. For dessert we finished off with Apple Doughnuts and to wash it all down I drank the Punch, made up of 42 Below, Seasonal Fruit, Elderflower, and Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc.

It was like my taste buds had died and gone to heaven. It was one of those great meals out where you leave full but not uncomfortable and not in the slightest bit disappointed. I think that if you were to go there you definitely have to try the Soft Shell Crab, Fried Chicken and Beetroot Salad but whatever you have will be amazing.

It was the service that really made the meal though. I was entirely happy to be led by our waiters decisions and would jump to do so again yet without that service I’m not sure how well the whole thing would go.

The real deal maker however, for if you wish to go there yourself is that for twelve people it came to around $40 each.

As our waiter suggested it’s a great place to have a birthday dinner, or celebratory meal with friends. I would definitely recommend it.

Tyler St Garage
127 Quay St, Auckland
(09) 300 5279


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