Something Special Happened Today

Welcome to another episode in cellphone photo taking – it’s all good until the sun goes down. My camera is still away getting fixed (fingers crossed) but last weekend the boyfriend, best friend and I went to More Fm’s Summer Vineyard Tour at Turanga Creek. (Turanga Creek is in Whitford, meaning it’s miles away.)

Headlining were Aloe Blacc and John Butler Trio, supported by Tikki Taane and Annabel Fay. It was a bit of an odd coincidence as last year I bought Adam and I tickets to Aloe Blacc as a surprise, spirit of the moment Valentines Day gift. What’s more appropriate than this post hitting the web on that same day then?

Due to the crazy distance the venue was we caught a chartered bus from the city, it was a bit lame because we got separated from Ivana but it was okay because it had air conditioning and a toilet. When we got there all became okay though with a visit to the bar for wine, beer and cider and finding Gareth and Greg.

Now I’m not going to say much about Annabel Fay, I don’t rate her music and hearing her live wasn’t any improvement. Tikki Taane however was awesome, playing his song ‘Freedom to Sing’ with a bit of backstory (remember back when he got arrested for disturbing the peace?) and a few old school crowd favorites.

Aloe was of course my highlight though. After managing to wrangle Adam into dancing with me we ran to the front as Aloe started grooving ‘Greenlights.’ It was an awesome set with ‘I Need A Dollar’ getting the crowd truly participating (as can only be expected) and ‘You Make Me Smile’ bringing on a bit of romance. We were a bit disappointed at the length of the set (an hour) but I nearly lost it when Maya Jupiter bounded on stage – she supported Aloe last year and was possibly even wearing the same jumpsuit?

John Butler Trio rounded it up in wild fashion. There’s something incredibly infectious and happy making when you see a few thousand people dancing in a field like mad people. I don’t know his music quite so well but he’s one of those great performers that can never disappoint.

We ended the day getting a ride back to Gareth’s in Ararimu, having toasted sandwiches and singing at the top of our lungs in the car back into the city.

Did anyone else go? Music outdoors in summer is possibly the best thing ever.


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