A Kiss Is Still A Kiss

From L-R: Heart nails, Roses, Lip Cupcakes, Yummy dinner at Mecca, the boys’ gifts, Cosmo, the extremely fitting dress, the boyfriend’s present – Dark Mage Wheatie and Skyrim Cards. 

This year I had a really fantastic Valentines Day. I was taken very good care of by my amazing boyfriend, did some pampering for myself and got some smiles from my best man friends with pink kiss cupcakes and those pick a number fortune teller things from primary school.

I started the day by surprising my parents with chocolate and cards made by my little sisters who were then in turn surprised by the cupcakes that had made their way into their lunchboxes. Tuesday’s just happen to be my day off so I had the whole day to do my own thing – this meant lots of Boardwalk Empire, exercise and pampering. I had a voucher for an eye lash/brow tint and shape and got some new false single lashes. Earlier in the day I’d sent out a text to all my man friends and left some cupcakes for them to pick up from Adam’s. It was really nice getting happy texts back.

Later in the evening I crushed myself into this amazing but very tight breasted dress and went off for dinner with the boyfriend. I’d made him a Dark Mage wheatie (Tutorial will be up in the coming days) and Skyrim Valentines card (from here but with extras) so I was very popular. We had dinner at Mecca Chancery, which was incredible until the nightclub next door started pumping up the dub step. (It was a seriously wtf moment – it’s really not a clubbing type location). After dinner we went home to the boys who were getting on it and had some great chats. All in all it was an awesome day/night. (Until this morning when I blinded myself with cleanser! Ouch.)


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