A Little Hot Time With Vivi

As I mentioned on Thursday, I made a Dark Mage Wheatie for my boyfriend for Valentines Day. For those of you who are a bit confused, a wheatie is like a firm hottie – you heat it up in the microwave and then there’s something nice and warm to either hug, warm your feet or relieve a sore muscle. Dark Mage‘s of course are a character from the Final Fantasy series of games. I got the idea from here originally but thought I’d share my version with you too!

To make the wheatie above it’s pretty easy.

You will need:

  •  Fabric – you want it to be quite hard wearing and preferably heat proof. I had wanted to use felt but on failing to find some I used a thick cheeseclothesque fabric.
  • Wheat and Rice for your filling, you can use one or the other but I liked the texture of the two together.
  • Pattern – I googled Dark Mages on google images and found this image which I then printed out. You can do this with any image you want.
  • Sewing Machine – you can hand stitch it, but it is far easier if you can just whip around it.
  • Pins, they’re a life saver.
Once you’ve got everything it can all come together pretty quickly. Mine took about an hour whilst watching episodes of The New Girl.
  1. Choose one colour of fabric for your base (I used black), you want this to cover the entire wheatie so that nothing can slip out, fold it in half so that when you cut our your shape you have two identical sized pieces of fabric. Then pin your pattern on top and cut it out leaving about a 3cm border of fabric. (This gives you some seam space for when you sew it all together). You should have two pieces of fabric that are slightly larger than your pattern but the same shape.
  2. Once you have your base shapes you can cut out the decorating pieces of fabric. For my Dark Mage I cut my pattern into the two major features – the hat and cloak. I then pinned them onto the fabric I wanted each piece to be and cut them out. This time I did not leave any border as these pieces will be appliqued directly onto one of the black base pieces. Once I had cut these out I was able to then cut into my pattern pieces and cut out the eyes and hands.
  3. When you have all your pieces of fabric cut out – for the Dark Mage you should have two black body pieces, one yellow hat, one blue coat, two yellow hands and two yellow eyes, then you can sew it all on. Using one of the black bases, arrange the coat, and hat to look like the original pattern on the base. Pin it and then sew these on – I just zig zagged around the edges. Once the hat and coat is in place, then you can pin on and sew in place the eyes and hands. You do it in this order because they’ll overlap the hat and coat. It should now look like the image in no.3 above.
  4. With you Dark Mage image firmly in place on one of your base pieces you’ll be nearly there! Take your other base piece and put the two together, image facing inwards. Pin them together and sew up the outside edge. I did a straight stitch and then zigzagged the edges to make doubly sure that no wheat/rice will want to escape. Leave a little space though – I opted for the point of the hat for turning it out the right way and putting the rice in. Once you’re all sewn up and turned out you can pour the wheat and rice in. This is the hard part.
  5. When your little Dark Mage is all stuffed with wheat and rice you can then tidily hand stitch the opening up. Then you’re done!
To finish mine off for gifting I put on a little hand written note saying what he was and how to use it – Place in microwave with a cup of water, microwave on high for 3 minutes and voila! Nice toasty Dark Mage. Best enjoyed in bed with a nice hot cup of chocolate (with marshmallows) and a good movie.

P.s. You may have noticed that I’m trying something new, expect a bit of this as I try to figure out exactly what I want the ~’look’~ of my blog to be. I’d love to get feedback on whether or not you guys like it or whether I should go back to plain photos.


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