Fluid Like Water

I don’t know about you fullas, but for me summer is never complete without some Music in Parks. Music in Parks has been running for some time now and gets wicked kiwi musicians to play for free in some of Auckland’s local parks. Over the years I’ve seen bands like the Naked and Famous, Katchafire, Fat Freddy’s Drop and many others playing in the most casual cruisy locations. Yesterday afternoon I headed up to Nixon Park in Kingsland to see Ladi. 6 play with Ruby Frost.

Ladi. 6 is probably one of the most talented musicians in New Zealand. This isn’t an overstatement, I’m not going to change my mind, she is pure and simply brilliant. I decided that she’s kind of a pacific version of Amy Winehouse with all the awesome beats that go with that. Playing with her partner DJ Parks her set played most of the tracks off her latest album, The Liberation Of but in a really free style with one of the tracks being a bit of a mash up of ideas with lots of audience participation. She was so good that we had to buy her album which meant for lots of grooving whilst I cooked dinner last night.

Ruby Frost was pretty cool too, I would love to see her in a more party orientated mood though, maybe at O Week or similar? I love the fact that she is fully a part of her music making process, not just a pretty voice over some tracks that have been made by someone else. She is ridiculously tiny and gorgeous though. She reminded me of a sugar plum princess fairy.

Music in Parks still has some events left for the Summer, check out the programme here. It’s definitely worth a look at, I suggest taking a picnic blanket, some nibbles and something to drink – quite often they lift the liquor bans in parks, but if you’re not being rowdy or causing issues they’ll let you to it.


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