No. 1 High St

Remember Met? My memories of Met are pretty seedy with creepy guys getting all up in your personal space, sticky floors, a really odd vibe. I was never really a fan but I always loved the space, always thought it could be so much better.

Yesterday, Katie and I went to No. 1 High St for lunch, aka Met made better. It’s no longer a night club but a restaurant/ bar following the Mac Brew Bars with book shelf decorations and a bar that reminds me of The Old Church. (Look here for better interior photos). We’d received a copy of the menu and a complimentary drink voucher at work and it looked so good we had to go have a try.

It was a really bizarre experience, we spent the whole time trying to reconnect our memories with the beautiful venue that it has become.

As for the food? Fantastic. Like Tyler St Garage they offer a range of small plates, in addition to mains and salads. You can create your own platter of four small plates for $45 or six for $60. We got a platter of the Sour dough with three dips, Croquettes with smoked mozarella and thyme, Chicken schnitzel, caper mayo and lemon and Hand cut chips with Brava Mayo to share. We were a bit concerned at first that we’d be left hungry but by the end of it, I had a food baby to boot and was fit to have a nice nap.

I’d love to go there for a big meal though – it’s definitely on the cards. Get a selection of small plates and mains and enjoy the oral stimulation. The salads particularly stand out for me – they offer a choice between Caesar salad, Mediterranean salad, Greek Salad and Walnut and rocket salad. You can then choose to add Chicken, Garlic Prawns or Grilled beef. Yum.

No. 1 High St is great for a casual quiet lunch but could also serve nicely for a big long lunch or dinner, a girl I know even had her 21st there. It’s well worth a look in!



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One Response to No. 1 High St

  1. Kera says:

    This place is fantastic. I went there a few weeks ago for drinks as one of the guys in my group knew the staff there. Everyone had an awesome time and when downstairs started to close up it was a great atmosphere upstairs at the bar and we were treated like royalty. A+++

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