I’m an animal, trapped in your hot car.

When I was fifteen, my friend Adam and I used to have an unhealthy relationship with the internet. We still do in some ways but back then, when msn was at its height we’d spend hours locked in front of our little black squares typing incessantly. Imagine that South Park episode where the boys get into World of Warcraft, except without the pimples and gross hygiene. Our disturbing record of non stop correspondence was something like 18 hours.

With so much time spent online, we began to come up with ways of making it interesting. This is where Radiohead comes in.

It was pretty quickly established that we shared a love for the band. Just was/is my theme song (thanks Mum) and Adam seemed to have an awful lot of their music at his disposal. With a bit of internet searching and trips to music stores we managed to fill in all the gaps in our collections and began to develop the game.

Excuse me while I get a bit pretentious but if you haven’t already noticed this, there’s a beautiful pattern to Radiohead’s albums, a synchronicity. I haven’t played the game in a while so I’m a bit hazy on the exact way it works but if you listen to the same track number, across all of their albums it just flows. It’s like the songs were made to compliment each other but it’s not that they’re the same. They seem to explain within their own theme how the band has grown and changed in style. I know, I know, I’m getting super music snob/geek and what not but try it. You’ll appreciate it. It doesn’t always quite work in some places due to differing track numbers, but then when you find the next track, it’s perfect.

There’s also something insanely special about In Rainbows that seems to tie it all up. Sue me, but I haven’t tested the theory with The King of Limbs. 

Another game we’d play would be to listen to a track and then debate what the next best track to follow would be, or alternatively, to put our music on shuffle and then argue who had the better track. We spent hours doing this/weirdos.

During this time we made two promises to each other.

  1. That when we started uni that we would lie in the dark listening to Radiohead together in a flat. #check.
  2. That no matter what happened in our lives, friends or not, that we would go to Radiohead together at some point.

As things have turned out, that once pimply and fauxhawked boy is now my moustached boyfriend and Radiohead is playing in New Zealand in November.

I have never been so nervous about buying any tickets ever. What makes it worse is that it’s mid exam time and my ghastly university does night time exams. But hey, Gods be good, nothing should get in our way, right?


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