NZ Fashion Festival Collection 5


Spotting bloggers, Thomas and Ella from Killer Hair

Last night I went with my friend Josiah to the fifth collection of NZ Fashion Festival. I’d been really excited from reading and looking at posts and pictures and tweets from the earlier collections and seminars.

I had a bit of a mishap on the way to the venue, getting a heel stuck in some astro turf on a corner and semi face planting. It was okay though, I was swiftly helped up and told by a man walking past, ‘Don’t worry darling, at least you look fabulous.’

Arriving at the venue I was extremely pleased to be wearing my bat cape, dress coat thing from Pearl. I picked it up at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago for a steal and it was perfect at covering my bruised and grazed knee.

Shed 10 was pretty quiet when we got there, so we got to have a good look around, tasting the delicious Chambord Cocktails and Old Mout Ciders on offer. I’d lured Josiah there on the promise of free stuff – I’d been talking about the goody bags and extras that came with the ticket, but the sponsors one upped me and we managed to spend quite a lot of time tasting this and that. I will definitely be buying some Chambord and I more than liked the Feijoa and Boysenberry Ciders.

The only negative for me was the lighting, lighting designers daughter I know but fluoros are so harsh and cold. It would have been a far nicer area to chill out in if there had been a bit more ambience to it, but oh well.

While we waited we chatted to some people Josiah is friends with and I did some creepy blogger type action, introducing myself to people I talk to online and what not.

Soon it was show time and off to our seats. We were in the second row and quite close to the end, but maybe not close enough/ far away in hindsight. My photos really don’t do the clothes any justice so if you want to see really good ones look here, here, here or here.

Pleasure State

Stolen Girlfriends Club



Josiah and I had a lot of fun quickly peeping into our goody bags before the show opened with Pleasure State. I really love their lingerie but was at the same time a bit underwhelmed. My absolute favourites of the night were Liam and Mister. Seriously, I could imagine wearing the whole of Liam’s range to work and then set off to uni, no problem. Mister, just woah. There was a lot of tartan in the most beautiful colour combinations ever, I need one of their jackets/ blazers in my life. My favourite reminded me a bit of a turquoise one from Zambesi a few seasons back, but I’m not hating, I loved it.

After the show we headed to Imperial Lane to get our free cocktails, we managed to get in just before the line started to become an issue and grabbed a table taking in the atmosphere. It’s a really nice place and I’m going to have to go back there to sample the menu.

Imperial Lane, Big Little City, Northern Steamship

We then went and met up with the boyfriend at The Northern Steamship where we had a couple of free cider vouchers. It was pretty obvious that whoever was picking the tracks had got tickets to Radiohead which made for an awesome atmosphere.


Our final stop of the night was No. 1 High St where we met up with my best friend, Ivana and co. I don’t know quite how it happened but we soon were being told to go upstairs into VIP where there were goody bags everywhere. We weren’t quite sure whether we were allowed them or not but they had clarins inside them, so it was a scrummage, collect and then get very nervous and leave the premises sort of affair.

It was probably one of the best nights out I’ve had in a very long time and I only bought one drink all night!


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