February on Instagram: Tuxedo nails, home made cookies, friday night drinks, free beer money, Aloe Blacc and JBT, Miso Udon soup, Valentines cupcakes, Monopoly with the kids, heart nails, roses, chocolate roses, new/old shirt, garage sales, Ladi 6, beautiful weather, Ruby in the garden, cider with Adam, water fight, packages, cute pastel nails, berry cider, more packages, ta da!, stationary, stationary drawer, Ruby nails, Apricot tea, Top Girls premiere, Savour and Devour, Surprise 21st, BAAAAA, Vilagrad, cider, floral nails, amazing home made fish and chips, fashion fest tickets, happy 5th birthday Curtis!

February Highs: Aloe Blacc and JBT, driving back to town screaming ballads, introducing Adam to Mean Girls, an amazing Valentines, finally finding a perfect hairdresser at Duxe and Luxe, throwing a surprise 21st for Shanti.

February Lows: Finding out that it will cost $460 to fix my camera, having no no no money.

Looking Forward To: The boyfriends birthday, Summer series, getting well and truly into Uni, City and Colour.

Best buys/ discoveries: Ruby Nail Polish, Pearl silk dress/coat thing at an amazing price, Green bag from ASOS.

Album of the Month: The Liberation Of, by Ladi 6.

Things you need to see: Top Girls at the Q by Silo Theatre, Hugo.


About madicattt

Curator of The Things That Are Good. Sharing the things that stand out in the worlds of theatre, food, beauty and style.
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