M&M Pool Cake

Last Wednesday, my friend Curtis and his twin Lauren turned five, twenty years after their actual birth. If you’re a bit confused – they’re Leap Day babies meaning that they only have their real birthday once every four years. I have a bit of a thing for birthdays, and Wednesday is Curtis and I’s most heinous day at uni, so I decided to make him a 5th birthday cake. (I should probably put in here that this cake is totally unoriginal in concept, I stole the idea from @paulbrislen)

It looks flash but it’s pretty easy when it gets down to it. All you’ll need as shown above is a Chocolate cake, icing, m&m’s and some kit kats.
If you want to use my Chocolate Cake recipe it’s a bit of a go as you feel/ taste manoeuvre based on the Edmond’s Chocolate Cake recipe but with a couple of extras.

To make it:

  • Beat together butter, sugar, vanilla essence, once creamy beat in eggs.
  • Sift together dry ingredients.
  • Stir in coffee, and sour cream/ yoghurt/ milk. Use some intuition here – you want it to be like a soup, thick but fluid, not too runny.

Oven it at 180 for an hour.

Then it’s just a matter of decorating it. Instead of carefully icing it, I just poured the whole bowl of icing on top of the cake and evened it out so that the whole cake was covered. I then went around the outside edge and pressed in the kit kat halves. Finally for the M&M’s I just grabbed handfuls and pushed them into the cake. I used a combination of crispy and original M&M’s for a bit of variation.


It ended out pretty good, pretty good meaning that for once I actually ate something I baked. (I love baking, but I don’t actually like baking very much.. weird I know.)

The birthday boy and his cake!

If you try it out, I’d love to see/hear about the results. Enjoy!


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