Easy Party Bags

 Yesterday it was the boyfriends birthday and we celebrated with a surprise party at No. 1 High St. I was really nervous leading up to it that it would all pan out as planned without him guessing but it was pretty successful and he was stoked.

I’m a huge sucker for birthdays and after Josiah had suggested that we needed goody bags, well I got obsessed and had to make some.

To keep it kinda classy, and grown up I decided to make my own bags though, complete with golden A’s stamped on them.

To make them is extremely easy – get brown paper and fold it in half, then fold the bottom and side edges inwards and glue them together – you’ve got your bag.

For the A’s I made a potato stamp. All you do for that is cut the shape you want into the flat side of half a potato. You want the shape to be raised so it can be a stamp. Then all you do is get the paint and voila, you’re away and running.

It was super easy and was a really fun way to spruce things up. The best bit – when we arrived at the venue and everyone was blowing party horns and popping party poppers. The other people at the place must have hated us.


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One Response to Easy Party Bags

  1. oh wow haha! i love this DIY, how handy!!

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