Uni Snacks: 01

I’m a terrible snacker, seriously it’s probably one of my greatest weaknesses both for the waistline and my wallet. And you’ve probably heard it all before that snacking regularly is actually quite good for you, eat regular small meals etc etc etc. Well, it’s still bloody hard to keep that in mind when it hits three pm and all you want is a snickers bar, or some cheese and crackers, or noodles, or katsu chicken – you get my drift.

Well at the moment I’m keeping these little suckers in my bag, to catch the slight inkling of, ‘Hmm, I may be hungry,’ before I become full irrational, ‘NEED FOOD NOW,’ mode. Probably simple, probably a bit like yeah duh but it works for me. Carrot Sticks with Babaganoush and a bag of mixed nuts and fruit.

There’s a trick to it though in the nuts and fruit you buy, because when it comes down to it, roasted nuts are moreish as anyone’s business and once you start munching it’s like, ‘Oh crap, where did that five dollar bag go.’ 

Nope, not anymore.

I’ve started buying these bags of raw nuts from Mother Earth. The Deluxe Mix ~Superfruits~ includes dried goji berries, dried cranberries, dried cherries, dried blueberries and raw cashews, almonds, pecans and brazil nuts. Goji berries are apparently some crazy superfruit that are meant to make you live for forever and be super healthy and what not, but for the most part the fruit are just that little kick of sugar that your body’s been craving.

Niuts are good for you as well, but all I know/care about is that almonds help you have kickass baby face skin like me 99.7% of the time. And it’s great because, because they’re raw you can stick to a small handful and then carry on with your day (subtly trying to get nut out of your teeth while you’re at it). I can tend to make one of these bags last me two weeks which is pretty good value for money I’d say.

So get some snacks and if you have awesome snack ideas tell me!


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