Things that are GOOD Friday: 01


How often is it that we just stop, take a breath and take in everything that’s going on around us? Speaking for myself, it’s not that often. I fill my days as jam packed tight as I can, working between classes and studying after them. Trying to fit in writing up blog posts and hanging out with my friends, going to things that have caught my eye. Etc etc etc.
With all the mayhem it’s sometimes a bit hard to take a moment out and actually reflect on how good I have things and how little others have. Or to take that further, how often does the feeling sorry for people or getting riled up over an issue go further than reposting, tweeting, sharing the info, and then maybe donating some money?

On Tuesday for my Maori Health Class we went to the Ruapotaka Urban Marae in Glen Innes for our classes ‘Marae Trip.’ While there I had a bit of a thought explosion.

See, studying health science, up at the University of Auckland Tamaki Campus, the students are quite insulated from the realities of the suburb in which we’re situated. Sure, we learn about the health inequities on a daily basis, we had an assignment which involved charting the inequities in Glen Innes but they’re just assignments.

Visiting Ruapotaka on the other hand grounded things a little. Ruapotaka is run for the community, (read: community, not just Maori) it provides access to early child hood education, play groups, fitness, they help people with dealing with government agencies and doctors etc. The people running Ruapotaka are providing a real service to the people in their neighborhood, many of whom really need it. Listening to Julie who runs it, made me think about how fickle some of the things I worry/care about are. I mean seriously while finding the best foundation or mascara may be really ~important~, who cares if you can’t even buy the stuff? Or if the make up that you do have is only for special occasions because you can’t afford to buy more.

So I’ve decided that while I may not be able to save the world, and while if I’ll be realistic I don’t have time to be running around offering my time to causes, I’m going to start being more appreciative of what I do have and the opportunities I get and be a more giving person in general – even if that only means being pleasant on the bus as opposed to the glaring stay away from me bitch that buses tend to make me.

To keep this in mind, I’m introducing a new regular post on my blog – Things that are good Friday. No lows, no negatives, just putting my week into a positive light.

This weeks highs:
– My little sister Isabel being selected (only 50 kids in Auckland get to go!) to go to this speed dating authors thing at the National Library.
– Having two really good nights hanging out at the Q and the bf loving Top Girls as much as I’d hoped he would.
– Getting my mihi nearly perfect during the Marae trip, not everyone can be awesome public speakers you know?
– Actually getting up early two days this week to exercise – must do this more often.
– Managing to make it to the Tamaki bus on time every day so far this semester! Woohoo time management.

Also while I’m here, Thank you to everyone who reads my blog! I’ve started getting a bit more regular traffic which is really exciting considering what a baby my blog is!

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