A strongly worded rant about Hop


I’m sure I’m not alone here, but I am seriously irritated at Hop. If you’re in Auckland and are unlucky enough to have to use public transport then you’ll be familiar with Hop. You know, that electronic card that is supposed to make using buses ‘faster, easier and cheaper? That card that only some buses use because for some reason Auckland Transport wanted to jump ahead and do a deal with Snapper instead of just waiting for the Thales card to come out later this year. This means that we’ll have to change cards AGAIN. It’s not this aspect of Hop that really irritates me though. It’s the stupidity of the program. Surely, if you’re devising an electronic card in 2012 you’d think, okay people will want to be able to top this up online without having to buy an extra gadget? But nope, there we have fail one.

Fail two though, which is resulting in me having to travel out of my way to deal with this moronity is their system of renewing discounts – for me this means the tertiary discount.

To renew the tertiary discount you must first get a maxx sticker from the university, this means a trip to the clock tower at Auckland Uni. Next you must make a photocopy of your card and then have it signed by a ‘Maxx Authorised Signatory.’Then you have to fill out a form and send the photocopy and form into Maxx. This was supposed to be done by the 21st of March, but they won’t turn off the tertiary charge until the 31st.

Can someone please clear this up, but we’re not in the pre computerized age still are we? Hell, you can even sign your Studylink forms online so why on earth can’t a Maxx ticket agent simply sight the card, press a button and voila? Not so nifty and electronic now eh?

Instead they seem to need to delve into my personal information, amd waste my time. Does a public transport operator really require my birthdate, phone number, address, and university details to allow me to use my tertiary discount? Surely, the sticker that the university issued to me can tell them all they need to know – that I am a certified university student.

Rant over – Strongly worded email drafted.

I thought I’d slide in here though a few rules of using public transport – buses particularly. Nobody enjoys using buses, it puts a damper on the best of days, especially if you’re prone to traveling at peak times. But there’s no reason to be a douche bag and make the experience so much worse. So here we go:

  1. Try and have all your money/ hop cards ready for quick check in/out. Don’t try and pay for that 2 stage fare with a 20 dollar note or higher. Bus drivers hate it.
  2. No one else wants to hear your music, especially if it’s something that only belongs in the clubs. Feel free to destroy your ears while tearing up the pavement but not while sitting next to me.
  3. If you’ve forgotten to wear deodorant, or just generally have some excess scent flooding from your armpits don’t hold your arm at face level while standing. Sorry guys, but this one generally only applies to you.
  4. If people are standing, move as far back as you can, not moving back isn’t going to make it any less crushed.
  5. Similarly, if the bus is starting to get a bit stuffed then move your bag off the seat next to you. We all hate having to sit next to strangers but it’s even worse when you have to ask someone to move their shizz.
  6. Don’t, just never ever ever take something on a bus that is the same size as you at peak traffic times. Once I got on the bus at 5pm and someone had a life sized teddy bear with them. It needed a whole 2 seats and the bus was packed. Not a good look.
  7. That being said, some people have to take big things with them. I’m talking prams, wheelchairs etc. This is what the disabled access seats are for. So don’t make people who obviously shouldn’t be standing up stand when you have a seat. This includes pregnant women, old people, people with obvious disabilities and people with kids.
  8. Avoid eating stinky foods, seriously tuna is not a bus food. I get hungry on buses, I’m not going to lie but they tend to be hot and confined and it’s just not pleasant.
  9. Watch out for your fellow passengers, this relates to question 7 in a way, but if someone looks poorly, offer them your sit, if the bus driver can’t see the back doors yell out if the bus driver starts shutting them or is about to hoon off.
  10. Be nice to your bus driver, say thank you. Smile. You may hate buses, but he/ she has to deal with people who hate buses all day.

And one for the drivers.

  1. Please don’t drive like a maniac, you scare me and everyone else on the road.

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