Uni Lunches 02: Pea Pesto Pasta

Okay, I almost feel like this is barely a recipe because it kinda isn’t. It’s the easiest thing ever, but also the easiest lunch because you don’t have to deal with it being hot or cold when you eat it, it just is. I have variations of this quite often for lunch at uni and it’s yummy.

So really it’s a matter of grabbing things you have already, the only real deal breaker is the pesto and pasta. When I made this one we happened to have some sausages left over and so I hauled some peas out of the freezer and voila, ingredients assembled!

To make it, cook everything you need to – don’t cook the peas too much, or they won’t taste good cold.

Then, throw the lot in a bowl/ pot whatever, stir and serve! It’s a good quick dinner, but will keep in the fridge overnight for lunch the next day. Omnomnom.


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