Doggy Days

I technically should be posting my March post before this. But that’s too hard to do on my iPad, so let me introduce you all properly to Ruby and Big King.

Ruby is our one year old black lab/hunterway cross puppy. She’s probably my Dads favourite daughter and I didn’t really like dogs but then our old dog got hit by a car and then I realized how much I loved her and then we got Ruby and Ruby was only a bit bigger than a guys hand and I fell in love.

What’s cool about having a dog in Auckland with a dad who must ensure the dog is properly cared for is that you get to see a fair bit of the more wild parts of Auckland, aka dog off leash areas.

When we had Lola we used to go up Mt Albert, but there’s a big road and people sell drugs up there and the dogs couldn’t be off leash when the archers were up there which is kinda lame.

Big King on the other hand is like doggy heaven. It’s the last remaining proper cone of Three Kings, since the others have been quarried out and is all green and grassy and hilly with a water tanker on the top. Ruby gets to play wild with all the other dogs and we get exercise. Good deal right?

Anyway, so the other day we took Ruby up and did a bit of wandering which resulted in the above photos. I’m not entirely happy with how I’ve put them together so I’ll probably change them when I get home… But there’s something really awesome about feeling like you’re in the middle of nowhere when in reality you’re in Mt Roskill/ Three Kings.

If you’ve got a dog or are okay with dogs being super happy and friendly then go take a look! If not, don’t be a hater if you do go and they jump on you. It’s a dog park after all.


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