The poisoners at the Museum, NZFF, Ciders at Northern Steamship, Dinner at Q, Watermelon Cocktails

Boring readings, Cool kids at Summer series, Auckland city, Pool on the bf’s birthday, Bacon wrapped venison for dinner.

Old Mout Berry Cider, Sister stealing mums clothes, yummy dinner, advantage valet parking from work, evil afternoon snack.

Thugged out Since Cub Scouts, Cousin on her birthday, Strawberry nails, Home pressed juice, dreary day in the office.

Griff Williams, Lollipops in class, lunch at Farros, sleepy boyfriend, rip tardis door

Awesome narnia room, homemade lemonade, thai prawn curry, getting our integration on in class, fancy dinner for one.

Ruby hiding in my room, study time, why I should have never started dying my hair.

March Highs: Bf’s surprise birthday going down well and him getting some really exciting things happening, discovering farros, unidays coming to NZ, getting back into theatre, getting enough klout to get Moo cards.

March Lows: Still not having a camera or money, my grandma getting sick, uni beings heaps busier than I’d anticipated.

Looking forward to: City and Colour, having a couple of weeks of class, maybe going to see my grandparents, my mum and baby sisters birthdays.

Best buys/ discoveries: A pair of chelsea boots arrived today from Asos, but its okay. They were bought in March. Gel liner. Amazing stuff, just need to work out how to do a flick. Farro, the food is so good it’s bad. In a for your wallet way.

Go see Ship Songs, and The Brave this month at Q. Do it.


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Curator of The Things That Are Good. Sharing the things that stand out in the worlds of theatre, food, beauty and style.
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