Things that are GOOD Friday: 05

Amazing beef pancake pie.

Okay, I’ve been a bad blogger. A really bad blogger and although this post is all about things that are good I feel like I should explain.

I pretty much spent 75% of my Easter weekend recovering from over consumption of alcohol. BBQ on Friday, 21st on Saturday, family lunch on Sunday. Another gathering on Monday. I wake up on Tuesday and boom I have the dreaded season change cold. I’m not good at being sick so I’ve been pretty pathetic.

But Fridays are about good things and here they are:

  1. On Friday we went to a BBQ in at my friend Matt’s place in Manurewa. It was cool, he provided fish for the catholics, I missed getting sucked in to the 2 hour mass that my Dad failed by choosing the wrong church to go to and the BBQ had a cocktail fountain. It was amazing.
  2. On Saturday I went to my friend Mary’s 21st. I wore a dressing gown as a dress. It worked. Mary’s 21st was really really lovely and made me quite excited for my own. Jack and Mo and I ended up falling asleep on the lawn spooning and woke up when I accidentally spilled my wine into my ear. It was cold.
  3. My grandma made this crazy beef pie thing for Easter lunch. It was like a huge slab of meat, wrapped in crepes and pastry then cooked in the oven. It was amazing and so tasty and I still can’t comprehend how she did it so well.
  4. At some point this weekend I properly learnt to appreciate ‘Call Me Maybe’. I blame Katherine. But I managed to get it played at least 5 or 6 times on Monday night and now I think it may be a thing that even the bf will grow to like.
  5. On Tuesday I made sushi from scratch with my sister and it was awesome and tasted like the bought stuff. I also yelled at a shop owner for trying to rip me off but whatever.
  6. On Wednesday it was my mummy and little sister’s birthday. They both got lots of nice presents including a GHD (yay for me). The presents I bought online last minute both have turned up pretty much on time as well. Good shipping people.
  7. Yesterday I went into the old Smoove after work and got two vintage coats/jackets for $10 each. WHAT A BARGAIN right?! I could not believe it. They’re really nice and the lining is intact. One is suede and needs some tlc but hopefully I can make it look loved again.
  8. Also, my loafers from ASOS arrived. I NEVER would have imagined myself wearing these sorts of shoes. But I’m in love.
  9. I may be buying myself a new camera next week when I get paid!!!! (Just a baby one but still)
  10. Apparently a guy at uni thinks my friend Curtis is a ladies man. Curtis hangs out mainly with me, and a couple of our other girl friends. This means that Curtis’ ladies man factor is either based on us or that this random guy is a total facebook/town stalker.

Oh also, I should say Happy Birthday to my Aunty Libby whose birthday is today.


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