ASOS Shoes

Thought I should give a shout out to ASOS shoes. I was a bit nervous about buying shoes off ASOS. I’m a bit picky about shoe quality and tend to stick to brands I know/ can try in person but the prices were so good I went for it.

Both of the shoes I got were real leather and feel like they’ll last quite a while. I may need to give the soles a bit of a refreshment at some point but there’s a pretty good and cheap cobbler on Dominion Road.

Also on the comfort front they’re up to speed, I’ve put my inner soles in the boots but the loafers are perfectly comfortable without them.

Size wise, my feet are a perfect 8.5. ASOS doesn’t do half sizes so I got 9’s. In the loafers they’re a tiny bit big but for me thats expected. For a true 9 they’d be perfect.

If you’ve been looking at them and not knowing whether they’re worth it, I’d say go for it. For the price it’s definitely a goer.

If you want the ankle boots they’re out of stock in most sizes, but here’s the loafers.


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