Things that are GOOD friday: 06


I’ll be honest, today I am struggling to be positive, I really just want to get out of the city, so I’m going to start this post by tell you all a story about my Tuesday afternoon.

On Tuesday I finished work at 4:30, I’d had a terrible sleep the night before and a decidedly average day so my plan was to head up the boyfriends and rest before going to The Q for dinner and the The Brave later that night. All that was in my way was getting home. So off I strolled to the bus stop where as usual I caught a bus heading to Glen Innes or Manukau (as these normally stop by the hospital, my usual bf visiting bus stop). Here my bus confidence failed me, bus cockiness took over and next thing I knew I was heading towards a motorway on ramp. Oh fuck I thought and a fellow passenger noticing my expression suggested I ask the driver if he could let me out. We weren’t at a bus stop but we were stopped waiting for the lights and so close to the footpath that I wouldn’t even have had to step to get onto it. The bus driver said no, next thing you know I’m heading in terrible terrible traffic to the first stop this bus makes – in Papatoetoe. Where had I gone wrong? I’d caught an express bus. Stupid, stupid bus cockiness.

After just over an hour on the bus I was in Papatoetoe, I had a deadline to make it back to the city so hopped off and texted the bf to look up what bus I needed to take and where from to get home. Things were moving pretty smoothly, but next thing you know it turns out I’m in Hunters Corner and an unnecessarily aggressive girl is asking me ‘What I’m looking at’ – I wasn’t looking at her, I was focussing intently on my average looking phone while waiting for a bus, but you know. When in Hunters Corner. I’m pretty sure she wanted to tear all my hair out and it was only her boyfriend trying to calm her that slowed things down a bit. Cue bus turning up and me getting my ass out of there asap.

The bus ride home was pretty uneventful except for the fact that it was getting dark and I didn’t really know where I was. By the time I got home it was 6:40. Two hours after I should have arrived, which also meant missing out on dinner at Q. It was lame.

But back to the warm fuzzies, some good things did happen this week.

  • Today I got a $25 discount from Bottica. If you’re on Klout and have a score higher than 35 you’re eligible as well, check it out!
  • The Brave was really really good, I wrote a review about it yesterday, check it out or even better go see it!
  • I had Cameron working with me this week and the end of last week, it was fun. Now I’m on my lonesome again which isn’t so fun.
  • Cameron, Katie and I went for lunch at Mexico on Wednesday, it was super yummy and I ended up making tacos for dinner as well as a result. A post is definitely coming.
  • The boyfriend was employee of the month at Bfm, his interview made me laugh and the photo is reason why he needs his mo back. #Bringbackthemo2012
  • Ryan Goslings body in Crazy Stupid Love. No explanation needed.

Fingers crossed next week will be more positive, although it’s back to uni/school on Monday… it is what you make it right?


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2 Responses to Things that are GOOD friday: 06

  1. First time on your blog :) this was a good read! We want to get out of the city tooooo

    The ’91 Ridges Club

    • madicattt says:

      Thanks! Or more thanks for commenting and introducing me to your own blog! I’ve had a look and found myself going back a bit, I’m enjoying it alot. :)

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