El Mexicano!

Okay I feel like I need to put a bit of a warning before I get into this, but this week my blog may make you hungry. All the posts I have lined up so far… well they’re food related. Apologies and maybe make sure that you only read my posts with some food at the ready?

Anyway, last Wednesday I went out for lunch with a couple of the people I work with, Katie and Cameron. It was sort of a good bye again woop woop thing for Cameron because he likes it cold and shaky and is at uni in Christchurch. I was feeling like guacamole and had seen this new place on twitter a fair bit so we decided to give it a go – Hola Mexico!

Mexico is pretty cool, it’s down on the corner of Customs St and Britomart Place. It feels kinda strange to be referring to a restaurant/cafe as a country but seriously it’s awesome. Do any of you watch Go Girls?/guilty The interior sort of reminds me of Brad’s new bar, it’s all rustic and has lots of seating. I got the impression that if it was busy it would be a sharing situation, but a good one because you’d probably all be drinking tequila and eating yummy food anyway.

The food? Awesome, and that whole sharing thing would go down a treat here. I’m a big fan of the get lots of people together and order everything you feel like off the menu to share as I’m a sucker for food envy. This place is good for that.

When we went I got the Grilled fish, Jalapeno Mayo and Cucumber Salsa soft Taco and Katie got the Pulled Pork Shoulder, Pineapple and Chilli Salsa soft Taco. They were super yummy. We also got a Guacamole and Corn Chips and Salsa and Corn Chips. They were also yummy. It would be a lame place to go if like my mother you’re allergic to cherry tomatoes but for us it was delicious and pretty reasonable priced too – it was about $10 each and I was stuffed. I did see some of the Fried Chicken and Quesadilla’s on another table though and they looked really good too.

If you’re in the city and feel like a mid afternoon trip to taste bud tingle town, then this is your place. Even better if you have no commitments afterwards and can throw down some Margarita’s and Tequila shots while you’re at it.



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5 Responses to El Mexicano!

  1. OMG that food looks amazing!!

    The ’91 Ridge Club.

  2. lei says:

    Fried chicked is the codes

  3. lei says:

    Fried chicken is the codes

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