Whittakers Peanut Butter

Oh shit, it’s what everyone’s been talking about. Chocolate time extraordinaire. Whittaker’s, probably NZ’s best chocolates answer to the peanut butter chocolate.

Peanut butter chocolate and really any chocolate that isn’t the standard dairy milk is pretty special in my house. We are big big fans of the Reese Peanut Butter cup but dare I say it? This is better.

Imagine dark chocolate with just an edge of bitter zing and then the smoothest salty peanut butter on the inside. Is your mouth watering yet?

Pretty much I think this chocolate is the bee knees, and probably most people agree as it seems to be nearly always sold out at the super market. But Whittakers, if by some chance you’re reading this I have a request/ suggestion. Make a peanut butter range.

Imagine it, a smooth peanut butter chocolate, a crunchy one, varying levels of darkness, or oh dear I say it a white chocolate one.

Whittakers, you’re probably going to make me pack on a few pounds with this delicious morsel but thank you, thank you for making my taste buds tingle.


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