Domain and Ayr

Did any of you read the Tales of Redwall as a kid? Those books with the mice and other small animals? Or in general, can you remember reading books where they describe the food in such a way that you’re sitting there nearly crying because you don’t have any elderflower cordial or honeyed crickets?

Domain and Ayr kinda reminded me of that, I first saw this cafe on Katherine’s blog and instantly pinned it onto pinterest. The food just looked so damn good. Then, last Sunday (I know, slack belated posts) I was planning to have lunch with my friend Anya and it popped into my head again.

Cue lovely tasty eating experience.

Situated on the Parnell side of the domain (where Domain and Ayr streets meet) it’s a cute little cafe , Anya and I chose a window booth like seat and the staff served us at our table. We ordered drinks – I had an orange refresher and Anya had an ice chocolate and then chatted as we waited for our food. It took a little bit, but this was just because Anya had ordered the 20 minute pancakes, it was definitely worth the wait and I liked that our food came out at exactly the same time.

The food was simply divine, definitely elderflower cordial level good. I had the Ayr breakfast, but swapped grilled tomatoes for bacon and Anya had the pancakes,which came with a strawberry and rhubarb compote. Just look at the photos, it tasted as good as it looks.

When we got our food I spent a small amount of time trying to figure out what on earth one of my condiments was. I was sort of dabbing my finger at it and it wasn’t yielding any triggers and Anya was looking at me kinda strangely and then one of the patrons called out, ‘Its mascarpone – that meal is probably my favourite on the menu.’ He seemed to be really at home in the place and it was really nice, it was the sort of place where you just felt comfortable being at. Random, but you’ll get it if you go there.

Another nice touch that I really liked was that on the back of their menu they list some of their suppliers. It’s always nice to know exactly what you’re eating and I appreciated it.

Even if you’re not in the area your taste buds should pull you there. I think taste buds may have become my word of the week… But seriously it’s good. I’m planning on dragging the bf for a Saturday morning stroll through the domain and then breakfast so that he can experience it as well.

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2 Responses to Domain and Ayr

  1. My brother and I used to dream up Redwall-inspired feasts…nowadays, I still get a kick out of drinking mead for that very reason. (:

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