City and Colour

Photos taken by Adam Warin

On Sunday night I went to City and Colour at the Town Hall with Adam. If you haven’t heard or listened to City and Colour before, then I think you should. It’s the brainchild/ baby of Alexisonfire’s guitarist, Dallas Green. But it doesn’t sound like Alexisonfire at all.

What does it sound like? Pure aural heaven. It’s not the sort of music that you jam out to, mosh or dance around. It’s more the sort of thing that you put while studying, or in the late hours of the evening as you burn the midnight oil. Because why? Dallas Green has the voice of an angel.

Now I knew all of this before the concert, that was why I was going, but I don’t think I was ready for quite how phenomenal it was.

We arrived just after 8 and had to fuss around a bit sorting out the boyfriend’s fancy pants photojourno pass. Once we had that sorted it was inside for a drink and a chill as we listened to Bahamas streaming through the door. I felt a little out of place. My hair is way too natural coloured at the moment and my make up was a bit too minimal amongst the emo glamazons that abounded but once we got inside that didn’t matter too much.

As Adam was up the front shooting for the first part of the set, I hung out with the techies and Stacey at the sound desk. Gig tip – if you want to have the best sound, always try to be by the sound desk, it’s go figure really as the sound engineer will operate it to sound best where he/she is.

What followed was pure ecstasy. The setlist was flawless, starting with We Found Eachother In The Dark, and flowing through many favourites including, Body in a Box, What Makes a Man, The Girl, Coming Home, to be honest it was a case of just zoning  inwards and enjoying it because it was all good.

There were some kinda special moments too. For one – Dallas can play harmonica. In my book that’s a crazy ass feat because noone can play harmonica. Turns out I’m wrong and Dallas can. Another thing, he’s Canadian so he has this awkward/ awesome sense of humour and he actually knows about NZ music which is cool – he covered Bic Runga’s Captured, and has captured tattooed on his hand, his cousin lives here and his guitarist is a massive Neil Finn fan. Cool to know right? All up, Dallas was able to totally capture the audience, which I think may have rendered them all a bit shy in awe, this resulting in these bizarre but awesome silences. Encouraged by stuff like Dallas telling everyone to put their phones and cameras away and have just one song that was all about the experience, not trying to capture the memory. It helped that it was one of the best songs (Body in a Box).

Standing behind the sound desk also proved to be a cool experience. I have so much respect for the lighting and sound guys but they also seemed to be having a kickass time doing it. Even if part of that involved trying to tap each others boards.

Conclusion at the end of this: Dallas Green has a voice of pure molten gold, soft, smooth, sexy, calm and is probably one of the best live acts that I have ever seen. Full stop.


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