Things that are GOOD Friday: 08

Photo by Adam Warin

Another week, more work to do and what not. The only main stand out of this week has been the cold vs the sunshine. You look outside – see sun, stand outside – freeze your nuts/ tits whatever’s off.

So what’s been good this week?

  • City and Colour. Ho shit damn, Dallas Green can sing. It was good. I raved about it here.
  • I may be complaining about the cold, but the good thing about the cold is Kathmandu down jackets – don’t be hater, it’s like wearing a sleeping bag, and I have the duck hood version which makes it definitely not a fashion accessorie. Another good thing about the cold is having an excuse to spend most of your time in blankets. The trick is never buy them full price. Ever.
  • On Tuesday night I went to the boyfriend’s little sisters yr 13 show. I was super impressed. First off they did the Laramie Project which is a really really cool play, second of all they all seemed to take it super seriously (kudos) and also they tended to be on the super talented side. Can’t complain with that.
  • Another good thing about Tuesday night was the drive, the show was in Papakura which meant we had to jump in the car and cruise down the southern motorway. We made awesome time so there was no traffic anger, just enjoying one of my favourite drives – Southward bound.
  • My life is pretty much non event of the decade at the moment, but the boyfriend has been getting some really good news uni/work wise recently. I don’t want to make this the Adam project but…. it makes me pretty stoked when he gets good things going.
  • Swag guest lecturers. Any man who first off has a well fitted suit, and second off can wear it well. Well, it’s pretty easy to pay attention in class when it’s all going on.
  • Workshopping, I’m back working with my tell tale family. You’ll get to hear more about this as we get further down the track. But, goddamn it’s good to be acting with some of my best friends again.
  • I was reading this blog (The Shine Project) earlier and I was really enjoying it. I just really really appreciate how hard Ashley works for other people.
  • Once Upon A Time, this show is so good. The girls and I are nearly up to date, which is both exciting and sad.
  • OH AND! My uncle dropped his iphone 3, resulting in a minor cracked screen. He decided to upgrade – I’m joining the apple crew.

Meep! Hopefully everyone has a great weekend, I’ve got a 70’s party on Waiheke that I am very very looking forward to.



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