Castor Bay

Following on yesterdays Waiheke post, I want to share another awesome beach discovery – Castor Bay. A couple of weeks back Mum suggested that we go check out to this beach, it’s off leash for dogs which pretty much means its a done deal. After a bit of a drive (it’s on the north shore), some awesome streets with canals and some yappy children we arrived and it was awesome.
It has some war time tunnels and gun placements which apparently are open to explore every second Sunday and a really wicked park with this insane climbing thing. To get to the beach you walk down this mountain of stairs but once you’re down there, there’s white sand, crazy rocks, all sorts of things. It was a really beautiful day, but the water is freezing at the moment so there was no chance that I’d be swimming. For Ruby on the other hand it was a watery doggy dream. She was all over the place, swimming, catching, running around.

Castor Bay is about 20 minutes north of town, but if you have a dog who loves to swim it’s less of a mission then Bethells. Take your doggy, let them wild. They’ll love you for it.

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