This week the weather has been miserable. I’m one of those people who get really affected by the weather and on Tuesday I was a pretty unhappy chappy. To be honest I was verging on acting like a four year old who cries when they get rained on. I was totally inappropriately dressed for the insane downpours (if there even is an appropriate way to be dressed other than naked when it’s raining) and then as I was making my way home to Adam’s, a bus drove past and swoosh I’m drenched from head to toe. It was a total Bridget Jones’ Diary, movie style drenching and it wasn’t pleasant.

But we had to go story hunting and so once I got to the flat, we were off again to the Local Board Meeting. We got pretty wet again and it was pretty cold and after the meeting we were pretty hungry and so decided to have a look at the restaurants at the bottom of Khyber Pass, where it meets Broadway.

We ended up choosing this cute little pizza place called ‘Eduardo’s.’ I wasn’t expecting much, it was nestled amongst all these Asian restaurants and the waitress looked Asian as well so it was a bit culturally confusing but it turned out to be so so so good. Inside it’s pretty cosy, candles on tables, the cheesiest stereotypical Italian music and lots of Italian film posters. To eat we got garlic bread, which turned out to be a large cheesy garlicky pizza and then a pepperoni pizza, which we managed to completely polish off, despite the ginormous size.

It was a really cool discovery, totally unexpected, totally exceeding expectations. I have no idea what the cost was properly, I think it was $10 for the garlic bread and somewhere around $15 for the pepperoni but it was delicious.
Next time though, I think we may have to venture into the soup house next door – there are pots with burners on the tables!

I may have to reevaluate my rain hate, we managed to have quite an adventure with it!

Oh and apologies for the quality of the photos, I got given an iPhone 3 but the camera just isn’t quite up to scratch. Sigh.


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