Things that are GOOD Friday: 09

Today, a little shift away from the usual, ‘Things that are GOOD.’

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What drives you?

Money? Power? Fame? Glory? All the big success buzz words? Or is it other people? The greater good? Or just basic happiness?

It’s something that has been bugging me a little recently. The common answer seems to be money. The glorious, never ending pursuit of dollar dollar bills, cash money. It’s what’s always in the papers right?

Increasing dividends?

Decreasing cost?

Increased profits?

104392% increase in productivity with reduced costs?

Sounds familiar right?

It all comes back to getting the most bang for your buck and getting dirty dirty rich.

But why? How much money do people really need, and should money really be the end goal? Money is just a construct, it’s actual value changes day to day, so why money?

For me, when I chose my degree, money was the last thing on my mind. I chose to study health sciences and arts because I knew that the experiences of other people concerned me, and that I wanted to be able to help, even if it just meant improving other people’s lives by a tiny tiny fraction. Health services seemed like the perfect answer to that right? And I do enjoy my degree, it was definitely the right choice and I get graded to research issues that genuinely interest me.

However, the interesting thing that I’ve learnt about health services, is that what is good for the people, isn’t necessarily what happens. It’s all based on money and power. Even something so basic as providing food in schools to under privileged children becomes a huge issue, as was seen when Te Aupouri Maori Trust was told to stop providing lunches to children because they are not ‘social workers.’

I was therefore pretty impressed when I listened to Alan Freeth, chief executive of Telstra Clear on 9 to Noon this morning. Freeth was talking about whether business should play a role in children’s well being, it something that he has been talking about this week at the Every Child Counts Business Discussion. His response? It’s not a question about whether we do something, it’s how far we go.

I think it’s a good start. If we as a society continue down the route of an endless search for endless money, nothing will improve, which in the long run will just cost more money for everyone else.  We need to aspire for something better.

So, what drives you?

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