I started typing this up in the bath the other night. It was amazing and technology is awesome but I was foolish and tried to drink wine in the bath. Which big news kids, it’s not luxurious – just sickening. I ended up feeling crazy dehydrated. Bath:1 Maddy:0.

To the point though, I’ve been feeling pretty run recently. Uni is getting insanely stressful and my hair decided that it didn’t want to be hair anymore (straw is more its thing) and my face decided that after a pretty spotless existence it wanted to break out. So what I figured it was a pretty good excuse for some retail therapy.

First up was Lush. Face wise, Lush’s toner tabs are amazing, especially after a big night. Usually I go with the tea tree and e toner tabs, but I decided to get the sun and moon and dream steam toner tabs as well. They’re new so I’m excited to try them. I also thought I’d spoil myself with some bubble bath. The gold sparkly one is Sunny Side, a citrusy one that I enjoyed until my foolish drinking. And the pink one is The Comforter – my absolute favorite.

For the hair issue my Mum picked up some of this Loreal Everpure Moisture Deep Restorative Masque. Oh my god. It’s amazing. My hair hasn’t felt so good in so long and it has this great pseudo minty (but not very overwhelming) scent/feel and oh my god it’s amazing. My hair is bouncy and sleek and pretty much a Pantene Pro V ad. I spotted some shampoo and conditioner from the same range earlier which I’m definitely going to have to try. It’s too good to not!

The other things aren’t really to do with my crappy body, just me indulging. I engaged in my first Once It purchase and ordered a Bedrock Bones hairtie and bracelet. They’re great and Once It is cool – it’s like a sales website for designer brands but is HEAPS better quality than NZsale etc. If anyone wants an invite, just holla.

I’m going to ‘The Boy with Tape on his Face’ tonight! I won tickets from Holy Moly Icecream (Thankyou!). I’m really excited.

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