Things that are GOOD Friday: 11


I have well and truly fallen off the blogging band wagon these past couple of weeks. It’s lame. But who knew that stage three papers would want to eat your soul alive. I sure didn’t.

So today I pledge, that I will try, my damn hardest to blog at least twice in the next week. Classes finish today, essay due on tuesday, then I only have my four lovely exams to worry about. (Anyone else thinking about what they have to get done at the moment and feeling their insides slowly squeezing, and their lungs starting to squeak with hysteria? Glad we’re in the same boat.)

So what has been good this week?

  • On Monday I handed in three assignments. It was a bitch. It involved sleeplessness. But I got them in on time. Thank lordy.
  • Then I met the people that Adam does journo with and we drank a few dranks. It was entertaining, and I think that I’m okay with them spending time with him. They may just pass.
  • On Saturday before Monday, I went to our friend Nick’s 21st. It was a good one. I am the drink mixing machine.
  • Then on Tuesday, Adam introduced me to Portal. This is something I can use now when people say, why do you put up with him? Because it was fun, and now I want to play lots more.
  • On Wednesday I realised that my essay was due next tuesday, not next friday. But this just gives me an excuse to use my super new time management skills. cough.
  • AS Colour is great, I bought things. Yay.
  • Also, I’m now a member of an incorporated society. So watch yourselves. I’m an officer. But I don’t know what of.
  • The incorporated society thing meant I had to write an acting bio, which is really hard. But now I know that on dark days, and I can read my bio and laugh at what an eat ass I am.
  • Tomorrow we’re going to Whiritoa. I am so keen.

Also Happy June! Since it’s the end of the month I actually have to do some blogging lolz, so yeah. Watch out, you’re gonna get double the instagram!


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