Almond Oil

Technically there should by a May round up happening, but I thought that would be way too much of an instagram overload. So boom, let me share with you a little beauty secret.

A few years ago I was in MAC (and actually received good service for once) with my friend Amelia. Amelia had quite problematic skin at school and we got chatting with one of the make up artists. She suggested that she try almond oil, apparently if you rub almond oil into your skin it encourages it to self exfoliate, therefore cleaning your face for itself.

I was a bit skeptical, but we tried it anyway and I think that makeup artist was very very right. When you rub almond oil into your face, you can feel all of the little impurities, bumps and flakes smoothing away. I use a cotton pad to smooth it in, and then my fingers before washing it off with warm water. When you’re done your skin will feel so so so smooth and clear, it’s really bizarre but it just works. Especially if your skin is a bit dodgy. Recently my skin just totally spazzed, throw on some almond oil and its back away laughing with perfect skin.

I should probably put a side note in here, because I know that skin care is really subjective, but I have fairly normal/ sensitive skin. Not too dry, not too oily. I wish I knew more about Amelia’s skin type so I could guide it a bit more, but I suppose with like any blogger hype product, you just have to try it for yourself. You can get almond oil in the health food/ organics section of the supermarket for about $10, and it lasts ages.


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