Things that are GOOD Friday: 12

Yeah yeah, I know it’s not ~technically Friday~ but I’m sure it still is somewhere!

So how is your studying going? I fear I’m not being the best at it currently… I’m somewhat overwhelmed by this false sense of security which is kind of foolish. But we’ll see what happens eh?

So this week:

  • I spent Queen’s Birthday in Whiritoa with my favourite people. It was great and so out of Auckland and I loved it. I just wish that the weather had been better so we could spent more time outside!
  • On Monday night the newest additions to the family were born! WELCOME SARAH AND EMILY YOU CRAZY HUGE TWINS YOU.
  • On Tuesday Adam and I went to From Degas to Dali, it made me realise how little I know about art, but it also made me realise how much I like cubism, and that sort of stuff. The art gallery is looking so good since they did it up! I think I may begin to spend more time there.
  • On Wednesday Adam was supposed to have a party, but then his journo friends were all over the place so we didn’t. Instead we watched Shameless, which I am now really into. Also, I managed to brave catching the wrong bus, taking the long way home and walking in the rain without wanting to sob. I may become a big girl yet! (I’ll explain the rain thing another day.)
  • I GOT AN A+. I should clarify this as well, I don’t really get a’s. Lot’s of B+’s, the occasional A- but never ever ever a proper A. I got my first (in memory) a couple of weeks ago for English (which is supposedly really hard) but then this week I got back my marks for this Kaupapa Maori perspectives on Deep Sea OIl Drilling essay I did and holy mother of God, I got an A+. So suck on that Deep Sea Oil supporters. Deep sea oil drilling is not for New Zealand, especially not in seismically active areas at crazy depths. Like seriously, is this government cray cray?
  • Tonight my parents are having people over for dinner, then I’m going to chill with the boys at the flat. I have surprises for them. (I’ll probably like it the most), but hey, last week I protested like the Greeks, tonight I’m partying like the French.
  • Oh yeah, by the above comment obviously after last Fridays,’Things that are GOOD’ I went to uni, which was painful. But when I got back into the city the Blockade the Budget protest was in full swing and there were a disturbing number of police. I ran into my friend Hala, (super spoken word star/ inspiring activist – follow her blog for amazing writing) who was losing her voice and suffering from a sore back (she got kicked by the police). So I joined in. It’s an issue I feel pretty passionately about (if you follow me on twitter you’ll know that already) and it was inspiring being part of such a large group of students all united under the same banner. None of the news reports do it justice, and I ran out of time to do a post. But this is only the beginning.

Hugs and kisses and study time loves. XOXO


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