Ginger Chicken Udon Soup


I’m really quite obsessed with Wagamama’s Ginger Chicken Udon. Or maybe for full disclosure purposes I should mention that I’m just obsessed with ginger full stop. The obsession with the Wagamama Ginger Chicken has led into developing this little beauty though.

If you like Udon and Miso, you will love this. Warm, smooth, tangy, tasty. It seriously is a taste bud dream!


To make it you’ll need:

  • Any stir fry friendly veges, this time I used onion, red capsicum, cabbage and carrot all chopped up. But you could really use anything! (I’d quite like to throw in some of those mini canned corn cob things).
  • Fresh ginger. I use loads (about 2/3 tablespoons) grated with a micro planer but do it to taste.
  • Miso paste. I get the little sachets from the supermarket and used two to serve two people.
  • The juice of one lemon. Zesty!
  • A dash of soy sauce.
  • Some teriyaki sauce/ similar.
  • Udon noodles.
  • Chicken (again optional, last time I just made it vegetarian.)

First up you’re going to want to get some water boiling while you chop up all the veges. Once it’s boiling throw in the miso paste, and throw all your veges into a pan to stir fry them. To the veges add the teriyaki sauce and grate some ginger over it. Just keep on grating.

Cook your udon in the miso, and then add the whole contents of the pot to the stir fried veges (miso included). You’ll want to reduce the soup a little, which cooks the veges a bit more and consolidates the flavour a bit. Grate in more ginger, throw in some soy and when you’re happy with how much soup there is, throw in your chicken – it will poach in the miso. Squeeze in your lemon juice and let it all simmer a bit and then it should be ready! It’s really a recipe you do to feel, but it’s so yummy and rewarding. Griff kept trying to steal some off me!



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