A moment

It’s not often I have time to just sit and take in my surroundings, recently I’ve been feeling the urge to just sit down and take them in. Write whatever is on my mind and throw it out into the world.

I haven’t been sure as to whether it’s good for the feng shui of my blog, maybe these thoughts should just be mine? Will I overload everyone with inane observations? Will people actually like it?
How do you get out all the thoughts, crammed inside one second onto a page with out losing them?

I think I may try it though.

Currently I’m sitting in Britomart square, sun waning, footsteps trekking past me of people on their way home, on their way to see people, do things, people on a mission. Buses drive past, it reminds me that I almost saw some one hit by a train earlier. It would have been their own fault. Every now and then the traffic surges, engine noises, horns, the distant rumble of traffic, and grumble of a motorbike. Consistent, to my right and slightly behind me a fountain drips, dribbles, drops water. Kids love that fountain.


About madicattt

Curator of The Things That Are Good. Sharing the things that stand out in the worlds of theatre, food, beauty and style.
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