Things that are GOOD Friday: 13

It’s friday. It’s 10:50 pm. I’m studying for an exam I have tomorrow afternoon (on a Saturday) and my stomach is causing me all sorts of grief. I’m trying very hard to be pleasant, positive etc. So this is going to take alot of effort to drag out of me some positive things. Goddamn aren’t exams/ deadlines etc a drag on the brain and enthusiasm stakes? Right now I just want to curl into a ball like my cat, preferably whilst watching the boyfriend play Xbox. Can’t have everything though right?


  • On Tuesday I had two exams. The first one was easy peasy. Yay.
  • Adam and I also had a pseudo date night. Meaning we had dinner at Tyler St Garage and then hung out with the boys at the flat. It was great. I’m going to break this one up because it’s the best thing that happened all week.
  • Tyler St Garage was pretty (we were upstairs) and the best bit was when an older group wanted our spot and were told by the staff that they couldn’t have it and then glared at us. Sheesh. It was booked out by another group for half an hour later so it wasn’t like they could sit there long anyway.. but either way Adam and I got a giggle out of it.
  • Then we watched The Blue Planet and an Imax movie about the sea. I love sea docos. They make me really happy. I wish that I could be a mermaid and hang out with Nemo. I also wish I was bioluminescent. The boys thought that was silly. But none of them have read I wish that I had Duck Feet. (PLEASE TELL ME THAT SOMEONE WHO READS THIS HAS. Seriously, Doctor Seuss books ftw).
  • On Thursday I went to see the baby twins who are so cute and cuddly and omnomnom. Babies are still kinda weird looking, but I like how small they are.
  • My sister had two teeth pulled out today. They put her under to do it and when she came home she had to be carried and was super out of it. She’s been pretty drowsy all day and I’ve been waiting on her. Also, she gets to live off pudding right now, so our fridge is full of instant pudding and jelly and yoghurt. She’s really tiny so I’ve been trying to figure out how much anaesthetic she would have needed (like a drop probably). I also want to know how on earth the teeth that came out fitted inside her head because they are HUGE. Like the size of my finger huge. And her face would be just bigger than my hand.
  • I’ve finally been able to get into my emails on my computer. Phew.

I can’t wait for exams to be over. Maybe then I’ll become interesting again.


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