Brr It’s Cold Out Here

Winter’s kinda hit us in Auckland like a battering ram. It is freezing, dark and today it’s also wet. Personally, I can’t stand winter. If I can help it, it’s inside, wrapped up all day every day. Recently this has been achievable since I’ve been studying from home. Goddamn it’s a luxury. (Notes down for when I finish uni and have to look for real jobs.)

To celebrate/ commiserate winter I thought I’d dedicate this week to wintery things. Today’s edition – things you(I) need when it’s cold outside.

These are bits and bobs I keep in my bag. Tissues for when your nose dribbles with the cold or you get caught out by a dreaded cold. Melem and Pawpaw for sore, dry lips and hand cream. I have a weird issue with feeling really unwell if my hands get dry so it’s kinda a necessity. Moisturiser is great though and you probably shouldn’t forget loving your legs/ elbows even if they’re covered up 24/7 (saves the work come spring time when you realise that you may actually want to bare your legs today.)

Blankets. Now these aren’t bed blankets, or couch blankets. They are person blankets that can escort you around the house. I’m particularly fond of the good old mink blanket, which I’m fairly certain you can get for a steal from The Warehouse at the moment.

I don’t like getting sick. Ever. So this is my dream team collection of cold/flu fighters. Any hint of a throat tickle and it’s a couple of vitamin c and some echinacea. Tired? Boost. Actually sick, lemsip to the total recommended dose, echinacea and vitamin C. Tomorrow I’ll share my recipe to add the triple kick to this collection. You can thank me later when your cold only lasts two days instead of a week.

Nice, warm, tea. I can’t drink coffee as it absolutely ruins me so I’m a big tea drinker. I’ve even been known to keep them in snap lock bags for when I’m out and need some warming. Currently collecting every single flavour ever.

Okay I know that there’s a bit of angst against these items by some. I know that Kathmandu puffers are ‘adventure jackets’ or ‘private school girl jackets’ but fuck it. They are warm as anything and it feels like you’re wearing a sleeping bag. My one has a hood so that I can pretend to be a duck, and keep uber warm. Only time to get them is during a sale though, aka RIGHT NOW! Also, slippers/ uggs. I’ve got two shown here because there’s lots of options. The black ones are beautiful and lined with real wool, the grey ones are just from cotton on and were $25. The deal – one was expensive, one wasn’t. If you go for the cotton on ones, a trip to The Warehouse will allow you to find some wool inner soles and voila you’re pretty much there. Kinda.

Winter sucks, but hey, maybe we can look forward to an actual summer at the end of it? If not I’m going to have to do some serious talking with old Mr Frost and Persephone.


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